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Jacked Like the Ripper, a Skinny Hobos live set favourite, is finally released as a single today. Delivering an undeniably heavy bottom end, Jacked perfectly melds the grunt and the groove and showcases exactly why Skinny Hobos are considered one of New Zealands best up and coming rock acts.

“It's funny that this song is coming out now, I actually wrote the original version of this song before Skinny Hobos was a band,” Alex Elvis (vocals and guitars) states. “When we started playing Jacked live, it was only because we needed to fill up set time. It was always assumed that we'd ditch it once we had more material. We thought it was "too heavy” and too different from the rest of our songs. Well here we are, 4 years on, and not only are we still playing it, but it has become a staple of our live shows and the rest of our material has evolved to be more like it.”

Texas Holdom (vocals and drums) further expands, “This is definitely our hardest hitting single to date. It’s still got that signature Hobos groove – we wrote it but I still can’t help but bop along to it. Jacked Like the Ripper is the perfect single for us because it showcases where we came from and where we're going in the future.”

Coming back stronger than ever after their 2017 single Suburban Living, Skinny Hobos continue to unleash a sweaty onslaught of rock and roll across the country. Kicking off with a hotly anticipated set at Wellington’s sold out Homegrown festival this Saturday, the Hobos then accompany I Am Giant for a couple dates on their ‘Life In Captivity’ tour. A Skinny Hobos national tour is due to be announced shortly in support of their full length debut album, which will be released on 18 May.

Jacked Like the Ripper is available now through Spotify, iTunes and wherever kick arse music can be found.

For updates and tour dates find Skinny Hobos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Bandcamp - @skinnyhobos.

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