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Auckland based songwriter Mckenzie Comer is back under a new name with a fresh pop sound. MCK debuts with her first single and accompanying video for ‘Magnets’, releasing today.

You might not recognise her this time around — reflecting on her previous experiences in the music industry and taking back control, she’s found strength in her vulnerability; forging a new path as a woman of the wild with stories to tell. Co-produced by Djeisan Suskov (Leisure) and Jordan Arts (HIGH HØØPS), ‘Magnets’ is an atmospheric world swimming in sonic warmth, a broken love song showcasing a songwriting maturity beyond her 21 years.

Directed by first-timer Nicole Brannen with Bill Bycroft behind the camera, the unorthodox visual concept further exemplifies the departure from her teenage years as a YouTube sensation with a burgeoning career in Nashville. Making a bold move to press pause at the age of 16, Comer honed her songwriting out of the public eye throughout the following years, forming a new creative direction and reigniting her sense of self in the process.

Comer states, “Music has been a private and sacred escape for a few years now, and as excited as I am to share my art it is daunting to open myself up like this again. I had to be ready and it had to be with the right people. It was some kind of perfect trick of the universe that I was at the very edge of the two biggest years of coming into my own that I met Jordan and Djeisan. I had all of this built up energy and inspiration. All three of us got into the studio and ‘Magnets’ is the result.”

‘Magnets’ is the first chapter for MCK, with a body of work to come. Watch this space.

‘Magnets’ is available now through Spotify, iTunes and all other digital outlets. The NZ On Air funded video is out now.

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