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I Am Giant (Paul Matthews, Shelton Woolright, Aja Timu) are pround to release their third and final album, ‘Life in Captivity’ today.

The album has been the culmination of some extremely hard work over the last couple of years, notwithstanding the challenge of having the three band members live in different countries. The band spent the European summer of 2016 recording between Germany and the UK with Matthews then finishing the production of the record over 2017.

Within Life In Captivity’s rich, melodic, and yet explosively grunty ten songs, I Am Giant found a way to honor the frenetic energy of their early days and the adventures that came with them.

Over the last decade, I Am Giant have dominated mainstream rock radio in New Zealand and wowed some of the biggest festival audiences around the country with their melodic alternative rock anthems. And although they’ve had a phenomenal impact on their home country, I Am Giant’s journey is one that has played out on a global scale, with all the sweat, guitar fuzz, and onstage mayhem you could hope for in a rock and roll story. Name another band to achieve four consecutive No 1 rock radio hits in New Zealand off one album? Since releasing their first EP City Limits / Neon Sunrise in 2010, I Am Giant have taken their music through Australia, Asia, the UK, and Europe. Hand in hand with this, they've dropped an EP, and three albums: The Horrifying Truth, Science & Survival, and Life In Captivity. In a testament to their impact, I Am Giant's singles ‘City Limits’ and ‘Neon Sunrise’ and their EP went gold, followed by their debut album The Horrifying Truth going platinum.

With Woolright, Matthews, and Timu currently living in New Zealand, the UK, and Australia, and new projects on the horizon for all of the members, Life In Captivity will be their final project as a band, at least for now.

‘‘The last 10 years as I AM GIANT have been just huge. We’ve written some good tunes, taken them round the world, met some awesome people, played amazing shows and festivals, and most importantly, we’ve had so much fun doing it. We have to thank all our fans and friends for making this possible and give an extra special shout out to Chris Morgan and all the members of the I Am Giant Army for their years of dedicated support. Without them we would not have been able to have experienced this amazing journey.’ - Paul Matthews

I Am Giant’s third and final album ‘Life in Captivity’, featuring the singles ‘Dead Flower’, ‘Playing With Fire’ and ‘Don’t Look Back’, is out now via AWAL and Rhythmethod.

Go to and Facebook for further details.

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