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Fulfilling a life-long obsession with creating and performing music, independent solo artist Benjamin Oddie’s foray into future pop is continuing with the release of brand new single Anymore from his forthcoming debut EP, UNTITLED.

Following on from the release of debut single Naïve in September 2016 which saw success on the iTunes charts in New Zealand and the UK, Anymore further showcases Oddie’s ear for a pop hook and crisp arrangement and reveals a maturity beyond his 19 years.

Oddie’s story lies on both sides of the Tasman with his birth in Australia and relocation to Timaru, NZ. With the support of his musical family and an instrument never far from reach, Oddie showed a strong interest and aptitude for music from a young age. Learning piano, violin and guitar from the age of 8, Oddie eventually dispelled with the restriction of formal lessons and continued to develop his talent by ear, further fuelling his ability to sense a catchy hook and melody. At 15 years old Oddie officially set his heart on music as a career. Crafting his own lyrics and music while plotting ways to buy time in a recording studio, Oddie finally began his journey towards realising his new-born tracks to their fullest potential in 2015.

Now residing in Brisbane and signed to local independent label Deux, Oddie draws inspiration from the many talented musicians he has had the fortune to work with in the studio, who embolden him to grow as a composer. Continuing to evolve and never restricting himself to a particular style, Oddie relishes being an independent artist with the ability to retain control over the entire creative process – from song writing through to the visuals that accompany the final product.

Oddie says, “Expressing what’s in my heart or on my mind in order to emotionally connect with an audience is what it’s all about for me. A great track can resonate with a situation in someone’s life, or a track can just be something they can vibe to – I want to give people both reasons to listen.”

Oddie is currently writing and recording his self-produced debut EP UNTITLED, which is due for release late September 2017.

Anymore is available now through Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

Find Oddie on Facebook and Instagram

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